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It is with much pleasure to have discovered this brand new mobility resource for the Vallarta area. The owners of Beach Crossers are a delightful and enthusiastic team dedicated to their dream of making mobility easier for travelers to Banderas Bay, to include Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about them as individuals, and what placed them on the path to this unique business journey.

Beach Crossers in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Beach Crossers owners Sheri (left) and Terrie (right), and their mother Shirley (middle photo). Beach Crossers is a new business in Banderas Bay, Mexico bringing mobility to Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta.

As teachers in Washington State, sisters Terrie, a high school science professor, and Sheri, a 6th grade math and science instructor, have been blessed with long summer breaks and the opportunity to spend numerous summers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. During the last few years they traveled to Puerto Vallarta with their mother Shirley who used a wheelchair. Although they found great accessibility for wheelchairs around Nuevo Vallarta to include its many resorts as well as Paradise Plaza Mall, they quickly discovered that in downtown Puerto Vallarta there are many unique obstacles which prove to be quite a challenge. In Centro and the Romantic Zone there are cobblestone streets which make pushing or pulling a wheelchair nearly impossible. There were times when Sheri would need to pick up the chair with Shirley inside and struggle to carry the whole package across the street. Although it was nice to find that some corners downtown now have ramps, occasionally there is a pole right in the middle of the ramp. With cobblestone streets it’s difficult to just make it over to the next corner. And like most beachfront towns anywhere in the world, it’s impossible to access the beach in a standard wheelchair. Sisters Terrie and Sheri and their mother Shirley decided that someone should do something to make mobility easier for visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They also decided that perhaps that “someone” should be them.

Unfortunately, amid the joy and excitement of planning their new business, Shirley passed away before their dream venture could be fully realized. But her daughters want people to know that Shirley was the inspiration behind the entire project, and that she continues to inspire her girls to be courageous, faithful and compassionate. Every day their loving mother will be missed and she will always be a part of their hearts. But Shirley’s passion to help travelers can be readily seen in her daughters’ commitment to bringing mobility options and happiness to others.

Beach Crossers ( opened their doors in late June 2014, and offer specialized mobility devices to help mobility-challenged tourists have a complete and enjoyable vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Their beach-friendly wheelchairs are completely awesome! The wheelchairs have seat belts, cup holders, extending adjustable leg rests, and swing-away arms. Some even have specialized butterfly or D-ring chest restraints. Beach Crossers also proudly introduce beach strollers to the Vallarta area; these unique strollers can hold a car seat or a child up to 40 pounds. These incredible mobility devices nearly float across the sand, making long walks down the beautiful beach in Nuevo Vallarta possible, bringing happiness and joy to adults and children alike.

Both the wheelchairs and strollers have low-pressure balloon tires which enable them to move easily across sand, grass, trails and cobblestone. Beach Crossers offer power chairs for rent as well. Although the power chairs are not designed for the beach or all-terrain, they will most definitely meet the mobility needs of those staying in areas where accessibility is not as challenging. In the next few months other unique products will be added to include a beach platform cart. This big-wheeled cart allows users to secure their own specialized wheelchairs to the platform and head to the beach. Self-propelled chairs are also on the way!


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