Puerto Vallarta beach rules under Covid-19

Arturo Dávalos, the mayor of Puerto Vallarta, reminds the Puerto Vallarta community of the safety measures that must be observed when going to the beach. These measures are in place to protect the health of citizens of Puerto Vallarta as well as the health of the many tourists that come to enjoy this beautiful place.

The rules for attending the beaches of Puerto Vallarta are as follows:

Source: Facebook page of Mayor of Puerto Vallarta

Rules for Attending the Beach in Puerto Vallarta - Title Page

Cover Page: Rules for healthy coexisting on the beaches during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By protecting yourself, you protect all of us.

Rules for Attending the Beach in Puerto Vallarta - Page 2
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19, such as fiver, dry cough and fatigue STAY HOME (#quedateencasa).
  • Shower before going to the beach and again upon returning from the beach.
  • To avoid exceeding beach capacity, there will be a green flag when access is allowed and a red flag when access is not allowed (when beach is to capacity.)
Rules for Attending the Beach in Puerto Vallarta - Page 3
  • Plan you visit to the beach properly by closely following all personal hygiene measures.
  • Keep a distance of at least 5 meters (16.4 ft) between groups.
  • Use your own towel – Do not share.
  • Use clean beach and swimming attire.
  • Keep hands clean. Use antibacterial gel regularly during your stay at the beach and avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Rules for Attending the Beach in Puerto Vallarta - Page 4
  • When entering or exiting the beach, you will need to use a face mask. Once at you have reached your final destination, you may remove your face mask.
  • Groups are limited to 8 people and must be from the same family.
  • If you rent chairs, lounge chairs or umbrellas, require that they are sanitized in your presence.
  • Do not share items with people outside your group, including games, flotation devices, balls, etc.
Rules for Attending the Beach in Puerto Vallarta - Page 5
  • Maintain a 5-meter distance with other groups, both at the beach and in the ocean.
  • To avoid crowds, try not to be at the beach for more than 4 hours.
  • If you need to use public restrooms, you will need to put on your face mask and use sanitizing gel before entering the restroom and again when leaving the restroom.
Rules for Attending the Beach in Puerto Vallarta - Page 6
  • Use a bag to collect all solid trash, close it properly, and dispose of it in a trash can or take it home with you. Don’t allow your trash to become a source of contagion.
  • Have a responsible attitude and help by following the safety measures that are in place to protect your health and of those around you. Obey and respect the directions from lifeguards, tourism and police. Otherwise, they will be forced to intervene to enforce the rules for healthy coexistence.

Although bars in Puerto Vallarta remain close, petty much all the bars on the beach are open. This is because they are technically considered restaurants and therefore are considered essential services. To comply with the law, you may need to order some food, so be prepared to order some guacamole to go with your beers!

These beach restaurants also need to comply with all Covid-19 protocols and measures applicable to regular restaurants, including only allowing a 50% capacity, mandatory face masks for workers, menu restrictions (digital menus are preferred), maximum of 4 people per table, proper distance between tables, etc.

Unfortunately, the State of Jalisco is expected to go back into a full lockdown on Monday, July 13th. This lockdown will include a state-wide curfew and shutdown of commerce, transportation, shopping (including food). Beaches are also included in this state-wide shutdown.

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