Puerto Vallarta reopens


On June 15th, 2020, the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Arturo Dávalos Peña, announced the implementation of the second phase of the economic recovery plan. Below is a full translation of the announcement.

“Friends, today we initiate the second phase of the economic reactivation of Puerto Vallarta. As of this Monday, June 15th, and with much hope, happiness and above all, shared responsibility, the hotels reopen their doors to tourism.  With a series of cleaning and disinfection protocols that will need to be strictly followed for the safety of their guests and workers. This includes common areas such as pools and restaurants.

We also reopen the beaches of Puerto Vallarta to tourists and locals. This does not mean that we have returned to normal. We need to enforce the protocols that restrict capacity, types of activities allowed, as well as use restrictions. Restaurants are considered essential and have therefore operated on a continuous basis. However, they need to strengthen their preventive measures for clients and workers, such as the suspension of buffet-style dinning, and implementation of deep and frequent cleaning, digital menus, ventilation and promotion of delivery services. 

Implementing the necessary protocols, we start the reopening of shopping centers and malls, allowing 25% parking capacity, no common areas and suspending activities on Saturdays and Sundays. Gyms and sport clubs will open only for individual use and at 25% of capacity. Churches can open but cannot have more than 50 people at a time.

The malecons, downtown and marina, will open in the next few days once the protocols are finalized. The same applies to sporting events, tours, water tours, and golf clubs. Bars, casinos, movie theaters, amphitheaters and event halls will remain closed along with any other type of activity or location where social distancing cannot be achieved. You can find more information in our communication channels.

Friends, in Puerto Vallarta, we need to continue working together, assuming the role that each of us has, but above all, assuming our responsibilities. There are already more than 35 families in Puerto Vallarta that have lost a loved one due to COVID-19. More than 500 infected. Our medical personnel and emergency response teams are working day and night to save lives. In other words, the curve continues to increase, but today we enter the phase of co-responsibility and trust. As I have always said, it is not with sanctions, oppression or a firm hand that we will succeed at containing this contingency. We are going to achieve this with hotels, restaurants and commerce following the protocols and protecting their clients and workers. We are going to achieve this with the help of Vallartans, being responsible and taking care of their families by implementing preventive measures such as frequent hand washing, using face masks and keeping social distance. We will achieve this by recognizing all those that have responsibly remained home. And speaking to those that do not believe in COVID-19 so they can reflect and think about their and their family’s health.

We are going to beat this pandemic together. We are going to rise stronger. The first step is giving it all we’ve got. If we do it well, we go forwards, if not, we go backwards. The virus came to stay. We have to adapt to it in our lives and learn to live with it while avoiding contracting it because your life will always be the most important thing.

To keep Puerto Vallarta on the road to economic and employment recovery is the job of all of us. Together, with harmony, team work, participation, responsibility and love for this land, we will succeed.” 

The actual Facebook announcement (in Spanish) can be seen here.