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Hiking in Puerto Vallarta MexicoEXCITING HIKING & SNORKELING TOUR

The beautiful hills behind Puerto Vallarta are excellent areas to hike, but few tour operators specifically offer hiking as one of their scheduled activities. However, here is updated information for one local tour company that offers an exciting guided hike along with snorkeling.

Eco Tours de Mexico

Ignacio Luis Vallarta #243
Col. Emiliano Zapata (South Side of PV)
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mexico Phone:  322.223.3130 or 322.222.6606


Adult Fee: $67 USD
Children’s Fee (ages 5-11): $50 USD

Founded in 1991, Eco Tours de Mexico is a small family owned and operated eco-tour company. Each of their guides is concerned with nature and conservation and enjoys sharing their knowledge of the natural environment with others. In fact, their expert team of eco-guides, biologists and naturalists has led tours for international associations such as the World Wildlife Fund, the New York American Museum of Natural History, the Saint Louis Zoo, and the National Wildlife Federation.

The Hiking and Snorkeling Adventure is a 4-mile hike. Participants visit a quaint fishing village surrounded by beautiful lush green mountains south of Puerto Vallarta. This fabulous hike begins by a river that flows into a small bay. It’s here that the trained professional guides from Eco Tours Vallarta lead hikers down a trail through a tropical deciduous forest. Hikers enjoy having the opportunity to view many different flora and beautiful birds. The trail taken follows the coastline at the bottom of the Sierra Madre Mountains and passes beneath a canopy of beautiful Plumerias, Palms and Strangling Ficuses. Every now and then hikers can spot an iguana running across the trail or even a nest of termites! Animals inhabiting the lower regions of these mountains include Red Foxes, Raccoons, Armadillos, Skunks, and Mountain Crabs. Participants might even see the precarious-looking nest of a Yellow-winged Cacique. When reaching Colomitos hikers enjoy cooling off by snorkeling at a small but stunningly lovely soft-sanded beach. The colorful tropical fish often seen at Colomitos include: King Angels, Panamic Sergeant Majors, puffer fish, eels, and a host of other types. Before departing the beach and heading back, hikers enjoy a picnic-style lunch.

NOTE: In 2014 Eco Tours de Mexico offered two 5-hour hiking tours. Although these hikes are no longer advertised on their website, if your group is large enough, I suggest contacting them to inquire about the possibility of them resurrecting one of these fabulous hikes for your group. Here is the description of those hiking tours:

The Hidden Paradise Hiking tour takes hikers to Boca de Tomatlan. Along the way participants will be able to view many different species of flora and fauna within the dense tropical forest. Enjoy this one-hour hike each way to Colomitos, an enchanting cove where participants snorkel (equipment included) to view a wide variety of colorful tropical fish swimming in crystal clear waters.

The El Nogalito hiking tour takes hikers along a riverside trail in through the tropical jungle where tour guides assist with flora and fauna identification. The hike will take participants to a natural pool, so it’s best for everyone to wear a swimsuit underneath their clothing so they can swim.