Avenue Tercer Mundo #13
San Francisco (San Pancho), Nayarit, Mexico
Mexico Phone: 52.311.258.4377
Website: www.entreamigos.org.mx

Entreamigos in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico
Entreamigos in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico

VOLUNTEERS: When it comes to volunteer opportunities, EntreAmigos is truly a very special organization. Volunteers who have a unique or fun skill that they would like to share with the children or community are welcomed with open arms. If you are a poet and wish to share your poetry, a musician or singer who would like to share your music, an artist who would like to share your creativity, a sewer or quilter who would enjoy sharing your skills, a baker who would like to teach children and/or adults how to prepare a special treat, or someone who would just like to stop by to help with whatever is needed, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!  Volunteers are the reason that EntreAmigos is able to do so much with so little funding. They LOVE their volunteers and depend on them for most projects and programs. Please consider volunteering, there are many fun projects and it is always a great way to meet people and feel part of the community. And you might learn a bit of Spanish too! If you would like to volunteer for just one day (or more) during your vacation, please contact EntreAmigos at info@entreamigos.org.mx

THE FACILITY: In early 2009, EntreAmigos was given the rights to occupy and remodel an abandoned building along the main street. The giant building was originally a milk processing plant that had been sitting empty since the 1970s. With support and guidance from local sustainable designers and architects, 4 full time laborers and 100′s of volunteers, Entreamigos remodeled the first phase of the facility in six months. The focus was to respect as much as possible the original structure, re-use 100% of any waste created in the process and require that at least 80% of all new construction utilize recycled materials. Children, adults, artists and community members participated in every aspect of the process. EntreAmigos building has been recognized as a model facility for environmentally responsible design, the integration of natural elements and innovation in the use of recycled materials. EntreAmigos is truly a wonder of sustainable design and a great place to visit for everyone!

WORKSHOPS: EntreAmigos offers 100′s of classes and workshops each year. The selection of classes varies widely and depends on volunteer instructors’ skills and interests. Their Summer Workshop series brings 100′s of children together with volunteers from all over the world in a 4 week learning extravaganza.

CLASSES FOR CHILDREN: The library has a constantly rotating variety of classes for children that include English, computers, reading circles and many art and recycling workshops. Most classes are free of charge and drop-ins are welcome.

CLASSES FOR ADULTS: Adult classes are held in Spanish or in Spanish/English depending on the students. Classes normally offered include basic computing, English and Spanish. Cultural classes and history classes are being offered through our Spanish language program. Skill building workshops in sewing, screen printing and art are offered through the Imaginarte eco-design center.

Many, many different classes are offered every year.  They welcome new teachers all the time. If you would like to volunteer to teach a class or workshop, please contact EntreAmigos at info@entreamigos.org.mx

DONATIONS: EntreAmigos is funded entirely by private donations and charitable gifts. Donations are tax deductible in the United States. Charitable giving receipts are provided. To make a donation, please send a check made payable to EntreAmigos, P.O. Box 3231, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352. If you would like to bring a few items down in your suitcase to donate to EntreAmigos, please visit the donation page of their website for a list of their current needs.