Los Arcos National Marine Park

In the Bay of Banderas between Las Gemelas and Mismaloya beach is the stunning Los Arcos National Marine Park.  This protected marine preserve consists of several small islands, or granite rock formations, that have colorful coral reefs and arches, deep tunnels and caves. Los Arcos underwater park is the most popular diving and snorkeling destination in PuertoVallarta for it’s abundance of marine life and the clarity of the surrounding water which is rarely choppy. Snorkelers, scuba divers and boaters revel in this area’s natural wonders and beauty, and enjoy having an opportunity to view the various forms of tropical marine life to include: puffer fish, parrot fish, cornet fish, lobster, octopus, angel fish, rays, clown fish, needle fish, and others.

Los Arcos National Marine Park, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico