La Isla Rio Cuale

Rio Cuale in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Bridge over the Rio Cuale which has a staircase leading down to La Isla Rio Cuale. Children playing in the water where the Rio Cuale intersects with the Pacific Ocean. Photo of La Isla Rio Cuale.

This sweet little island can be reached several ways, including by taking stairs leading down from the gorgeous new bridge that crosses over the river or by crossing a hanging bridge. Once on La Isla Rio Cuale there are sweet walkways surrounded by jungle foliage, trees housing iguanas and parrots, and by looking over the side of the island you will see water rushing over rocks. La Isla Rio Cuale is a must-see for all visitors to Puerto Vallarta. Here shops overflow with a large variety of colorful Mexican crafts, and lovely restaurants serve refreshing drinks and delicious food. Isla Rio Cuale is a perfect place to browse shops, take a relaxing sit in the shade or just stroll around taking beautiful pictures.

La Isla Rio Cuale, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bridge over the Rio Cuale. Staircase from the bridge leading to the little island, La Isla Rio Cuale. Exterior of Oscar’s Restaurant as seen from the bridge. Interior of Oscar’s restaurant with my friend Eva standing in the center. The River Cafe as seen just before entering the flea market area. Three photos of the flea market. Hanging bridge crossing over to La Isla Rio Cuale.