Important Phone Numbers – Wallet Card

Emergencies are not planned situations. And whenever you’re on vacation, especially in a foreign country, it’s always best to be prepared. Print out this handy wallet size card with important phone numbers and take it with you on vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Have important phone numbers on hand when you need them. Now there’s no reason to be caught unprepared should you or your loved ones face an emergency situation in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re traveling with your laptop or tablet, we recommend bookmarking this page so you can find it again should you need it.

Emergency Numbers - US

Emergency Numbers - CANADA


• Emergency phone numbers for your doctors.
• Your health insurance card and information. There is no “free medical treatment” in Mexico – not even in emergencies.
• Important phone numbers for family and friends so they can be contacted on your behalf in a medical emergency.
• Important phone numbers for your banking institutions in the event you have issues with your ATM card or credit cards.


Whenever there is a natural disaster in Mexico, good-hearted people want to find out how they can help. During these types of emergency situations the US Consulate in Nuevo Vallarta serves as a donation station to collect items for individuals and families affected by the disaster.

Important Phone Numbers include US Consulate Nuevo Vallarta
The U.S. Consular Agency for Puerto Vallarta is on the second floor of Paradise Plaza Mall in Nuevo Vallarta. Be prepared for an emergency. Print out important phone numbers prior to your vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

U.S. Consulate Puerto Vallarta

This consular office is located inside Paradise Plaza Mall, Nuevo Vallarta

United States Consular Agency PV
Paradise Village Shopping Center
Paseo de los Cocoteros #85 Sur, 2nd Floor L-7
Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico 63732
(322) 222-0069

Below is a list of the items most needed during any type of natural disaster (this list was compiled by: Hector Aguirre, Consular Assistant, United States Consular Agency PV). Drop off donations at the US Consulate in Paradise Plaza Mall.

• Canned tuna or easy-open bag, 155 gr 85
• Sardines, easy-open can of 300 gr
• Beans in bag, 1 kg 500 gr
• Rice in bag, kg 500 gr 01
• Lenteja in bag, 1 kg 500 gr
• Pasta soup in a bag of 200 gr 500 gr
• Chili, easy-open can of 380 gr
• Chicken broth powder gr 370 gr 140 hubs
• Canned vegetables, easy-open can or tetrapack of 380 gr
• Salt bag or containers, 200 gr 1 kg
• Mayonnaise, 380 gr
• Cooking oil, 1 litre
• Coffee, essential water-soluble of 80 gr 100 gr
• Sugar, 1 kg
• Marmalade, 500 gr
• Chocolate powder or tablets
• Salad and sweet crackers, packs of 100 gr 200 gr

• 4-pack toilet paper rolls
• Sanitary products for women
• Toothbrushes
• Shampoo
• Bars of soap
• Razors and shaving equipment

• Soap powder 1 kg
• Pinol 1 liter
• Brooms
• Brushes
• Buckets