Map of Nuevo Vallarta Restaurants

This page contains a table with all restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico.

With more than 80 different restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, we’ve compiled the information in four distinct ways. You can print a list of the restaurants, print a colorful map with 6 supporting pages of restaurant information and details, or use two interactive maps online. Now that all bases are covered, the choice is yours!

1. Interactive List Organized by Location: Show-me-where-it-is Feature!

Interactive List of Restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta This is an interactive list of restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta that shows the location of each restaurant as well as the menu, phone number, hours of operation, type of cuisine and much more. Click on the icon displayed on the map to get even more information such as rating of the restaurant, general cost and whether or not it has food delivery services.

2. Printable Map with Restaurants Labeled by Number

Printable NV Restaurant Map: A 6-page pdf document that can be viewed online or printed. The first page is a map of Nuevo Vallarta showing the exact location of each restaurant by a unique number. Subsequent pages give more detailed information about each restaurant. Download the map in jpeg format or in pdf format.

3. Interactive Map of Restaurants

The Interactive Map (see below) is designed with special functions to show you exactly where each of the 80+ restaurants is located within Nuevo Vallarta. Each tear-drop icon denotes a restaurant. Click on an icon to see more information about the restaurant.

Would you like directions to a specific restaurant? Start by clicking on the tear-drop restaurant icon. When the restaurant info pops up, click on the address and you will be able to get Google directions to the restaurant.

(Click the Icon indicating there is more info available icon on the top left corner of the map to select a restaurant by name)

4. Restaurant List for Nuevo Vallarta

List of Nuevo Vallarta Restaurants: This list of restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta shows the restaurants in a table format that can be sorted by restaurant name,  location of the restaurant, rating by customers, general cost index, whether they provide delivery service or not, type of cuisine, phone number, do they accept credit cards, days they are open and hours of operation.