Puerto Vallarta Airport Taxi Rates


Puerto Vallarta Airport taxi rates are different. PVR airport taxis have very expensive licenses from the Mexican government that allow them to work at the PVR airport, but not in any other areas of the city. The fares these airport taxis charge are fixed rates which are non-negotiable. PVR airport taxis are only allowed to pick up passengers at the airport and deliver them to their final destination.

Non-airport taxis (regular taxis) are not allowed to pick up passengers at the airport, but are allowed to bring passengers back to the airport. This is good news, as when you return to the airport via a regular taxi the rates will be about half the price.


Only if a taxi driver assists you with your luggage or proves to be very helpful to you during the drive is it customary to leave a tip. Before hopping into a taxi around town, first ask the driver to show you their rate sheet and verify the fare. If you know that you’ll need the driver to make change for you as you only have large bills or do not have the exact amount of the fare, before entering the taxi make sure to ask the driver if he can make change. Otherwise, if you arrive at your destination and then realize the driver does not have change, you may inadvertently be leaving the driver a very nice tip!

Puerto Vallarta Airport Taxi Rates
An airport taxi booth inside the airport. As new arrrivals exit the “timeshare shark tank” area, this booth is on the right-hand side before entering the passenger greeting area.


Taxi Cab: $200 pesos (1-3 persons) / Taxi Shuttle Van: $380 pesos  

Zone 1A includes resort properties such as:  Marriot Casa Magna, Mayan Palace, Westin Regina, Casa Velas, Melia, Velas Vallarta, etc. It also includes a large number of condo complexes located in Marina Vallarta.

ZONE 1:  HOTEL ZONE & EL CENTRO (Also known as: Centro or Downtown)             

Taxi Cab: (1-3 people) $215 pesos / Taxi Shuttle Van:  $430 pesos

Zone 1 includes a huge number of hotel properties such as: Rosita Hotel, Sheraton Buganvilias, Holiday Inn, Crown Paradise, Golden Crown Paradise, Fiesta Americana, Friendly, Villa del Palmar, Secrets, Now Amber, Krystal Vallarta, and many, many more! In this zone there are also a variety of different condo complexes.

ZONE 2: ROMANTIC ZONE  (Also known as: Old Town, The South Side, Colonia Emiliano Zapata)     

Taxi Cab: (1-3 people) $286 pesos  / Taxi Shuttle Van:  (up to 5 people) $572 pesos 

Zone 2 includes many budget hotels, boutique hotels, resort properties and condo complexes. A few of the most recognizable names are: Playa los Arcos, Posada de Roger, Casa Isabel, Lindo Mar, Playa del Sol, Costa Sur, Villa Vista, Los Arcos Hotel, Vallarta Sun Hotel & Suites, Dreams, etc.

ZONE 2:  SOUTHERN NUEVO VALLARTA                               

Taxi Cab: (1-3 people) $286 pesos / Taxi Shuttle Van: (up to 5 people) $572 pesos

The northern section of Nuevo Vallarta includes many large resorts and condo complexes such as:  Paradise Village complex, Mayan Palace, Costa Vallarta, Dreams Villa Magna, Occidental, Grand Velas, Marival, Kite Towers condos, Ocean Terrace condos, and many, many more.


Taxi Cab:  (1-3 people)  $341 pesos / Taxi Shuttle Van:  (up to 5 people) $671 pesos 

Northern Nuevo Vallarta is known as Flamingos. There are several resorts and condo complexes in this area.  A few of them are:  Peninsula condos, Del Canto condos, Rui Jalisco, Riu Vallarta, Samba, Acqua condos, Riu Palace, Bel Air, Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Villa Estancia.  And adjacent to Flamingos, in the southern portion of Bucerias: Royal Decameron.


Taxi Cab:  (1-3 people)  $341 pesos / Taxi Shuttle Van: (up to 5 people) $671 pesos 

There are several condo complexes and resorts in the Mismaloya zone. Some of these are: Garza Blanca, Best Western Suites, Presidente Intercontinental, Barcelo Resort, La Jolla de Mismaloya, etc. The Vallarta Zoo is also located in this zone.


Taxi Cab: (1-3 people) $900 pesos  / Taxi Shuttle Van: (up to 5 people) $1200 pesos

Resorts, hotels and condos in Punta de Mita include: Four Seasons, St. Regis, Porta Fortuna, Hotel La Quinta del Sol, Hacienda de Mita as well as many others. Some of these are located within the gated “Punta Mita” residential complex. As some Punta de Mita hotels have confirmed, unfortunately most taxi drivers from Puerto Vallarta are not very familiar with the Punta de Mita area, so many of the taxi drivers will have a very difficult time trying to locate your specific accommodations. So help make things easy for yourself and them by being prepared with a clearly printed map as well as driving instructions.

Additional information on various modes of transportation can be found on the transportation page of this site.

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