Rental Cars In Puerto Vallarta

Picture of a Jeep car rental in Puerto VallartaCAR RENTALS IN PUERTO VALLARTA AIRPORT

There are numerous options for rental cars in the Puerto Vallarta airport. Below is a current list of companies servicing the PVR airport.

  • Advantage:  011-52-322-32-1809
  • Alamo: 011-52-322-324-1071
  • Avis: 011-52-322-321-1112
  • Budget:  011-52-322-322-2980
  • Dollar: 011-52-322-323-1354
  • Europcar 011.52.322.226.3000 (Across the street from PVR)
  • Fox:  800- 225-4369
  • Hertz: 011-52-322-324-0024
  • National: 011-52-322-322-0515
  • SIXTY: 011-52-322-209-0685 (Across the street from PVR)
  • Thrifty: 011-52-322-324-9280


A few of the major rental car companies in Puerto Vallarta advertise low rates online to draw you in and get you to commit, but once you’ve landed at the airport, with your family, luggage, and tired from hours of traveling, you are given the very upsetting news that the rental fee you have already paid does not include everything. Unfortunately, it’s much too late to change your mind now, as your family is standing there tired and wanting to hurry up and get going to the resort so you can all begin your holiday.

These extra fees can often bring your final cost up to more than twice the online advertised rate. And if you’ve booked online through a third-party vacation discount site, even if you wanted to just cancel and walk out the door you would be out the money you had already paid. And good luck trying to get a refund after your vacation. So even though you are upset you finally agree to sign the rental contract, take the keys and drive away. And believe me, that’s not a good way to start off your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve been taken advantage of during your first few hours in a foreign country.

Here is a typical scenario: Searching the internet you find a great deal. It’s for a rental from a reputable car rental company and promoted through a reputable third-party travel site that specializes on discounted vacations, car rentals, hotels and flights. You find a midsize car for $6 per day plus taxes and fees. According to the site, it’s $9 per day total (including taxes and fees). THAT’S NOT THE FINAL PRICE. The actual daily rate is $30.78. Here is the breakdown:

Car Rental Price Breakdown

Very few sites are honest and give you the actual cost when you book your rental. These tend to be  sites where you have to pay upfront. Most sites, will only disclose the “total price” and let you find out the actual cost when you’re at the rental counter, ready to pick up your car rental.


Basic Personal Liability – This third-party liability insurance is the only mandatory insurance. You cannot rent a car without it.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) – The Basic Liability Insurance has very low coverage, so it’s a good idea to get the supplemental insurance. Even if your credit card coverage extends to Mexico, it may not cover medical. It is also possible that you may be taken to jail until your credit card takes responsibility for the damages – that may be a few weeks!

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) – Although not exactly insurance, by obtaining this waiver, the car rental agency agrees to waive most of the costs associated with any damages you may cause to the vehicle, including theft. Price varies depending coverage and how much of a deductible you want.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) – None of the insurances mentioned above cover injury to you or your passengers. It’s a good idea to get this if your or your passenger’s health insurance does not cover Mexico.

Here is a typical coverage breakdown. This one is from Ace Rent a Car, October 2019.

  • SLI – $18.99 USD per day – Optional
  • LDW – Tier 1 – $24.99 USD per day – Optional
  • LDW – Tier 2 – $27.99 USD per day – Optional
  • LDW – Tier 3 – $31.99 USD per day – Optional
  • PAI – $1.99 USD per day – Optional

Gilbert on SurfboardGILBERT’S CHOICE: Gecko Rent A Car

When it comes to rental cars, from our own personal experience Gecko out of Bucerias is the most honest and reputable company we have dealt with in Puerto Vallarta. When you go online to their website to reserve a vehicle and ask for a price quote, the rate they give you includes all taxes and insurance. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS for their rental cars.

On the day of arrival you will need to leave an $800 security deposit on your credit card. The $800 is actually the insurance deductible that will be needed if there is a collision or if you damage the vehicle. On the day you return the car without damages you will pay the rental fee and you will receive a refund for the security deposit.

Adam and Lalo and the rest of Gecko’s bilingual staff are some of the nicest and most helpful people we’ve come to know. After getting burned by a few of the other rental car companies, we finally heard about Gecko from neighbors in our condo complex and we’ve been renting from Gecko ever since. And although they have a large inventory of rental cars, most especially during the high-season months their rental cars do tend to book up quickly. We recommend reserving your rental car with Gecko as soon as you purchase your airfare to Puerto Vallarta.


  • Best rates in Banderas Bay
  • Drivers under age 25 welcome
  • All new rental cars:  Many new models added this year
  • For your safety, there are no rental logos on the vehicles
  • Rates include taxes, liability & collision insurance
  • Baby/child seats available
  • Long surf boards & soft racks available
  • The company is owner operated and managed, providing great personal service
  • Owner and rental agents speak both English and Spanish
  • Conveniently located in Bucerias
  • All rentals include complimentary VIP service to and from the airport for up to 3 passengers, extra persons: $10 USD each
  • Gecko’s Mexico Phone:  01-329-298-0339