Free Legal Help for Tourists


During your stay it’s entirely expected that you will get to see the beauty and sweetness of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, your vacation in Paradise will be fun and relaxing, and you will not encounter any issues. However, in the event legal help is needed during your holiday, the OAATRE office is here to provide free legal help for tourists and for part-time residents.


Calle Venustiano Carranza @ corner of Pino Suarez Street
Colonia Lazaro Cardenas (in PV’s Romantic Zone)
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Telephone 24-Hours: 01.800.841.8199 / 222.2224

If it’s necessary, you can also make complaints or allegations of abuse from private or public service providers. All complaints will be given proper attention and handled within a period of 24-hours. Conveniently, this location also has information regarding must-see and must-do destinations within Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Free Legal Help for Tourists in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
This is Lazaro Cardenas Park. The bronze statue Andale Bernardo is located toward the west side of the park close to the amphitheater seating area, while the OAATRE office is located at the opposite end of the park, near the south-east corner of the park.

This is a brand new government service that began in 2013. We stopped by their small office building located within Lazaro Cardenas Park to interview the government official manning the office to find out the whole scoop. They provide free legal help for tourists staying in the Puerto Vallarta area. They can also assist tourists from Nayarit (Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, La Cruz, etc.), but only if the situation involves or occurred within the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They are ready to help tourists with a whole host of situations including robberies or burglaries, car accidents, time-share purchase issues, police officers asking for bribes, how and where to pay traffic tickets, help in contacting your country’s embassy, the legal requirements for opening up a business in Puerto Vallarta, real estate transactions, handling complaints or allegations against private or public service providers, or any other situation which requires legal assistance.

OAATRE - Free Legal Help for Tourists in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



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