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Covid-19 Update – Jul 20, 2020

Puerto Vallarta Update: There was a lot of talk about Puerto Vallarta completely shutting down for two weeks starting Monday, July 13, but that never happened. Vallarta remains open! According to data from the Mexican government’s Covid-19 website, the total, cumulative, number of Covid-19 cases in the state of Jalisco is less than the daily … Read More

Puerto Vallarta Videos

PUERTO VALLARTA VIDEOS First-time visitors to Puerto Vallarta, and those dreaming of returning one day soon, will enjoy these short videos highlighting the beauty of this one-of-a-kind tropical location. Puerto Vallarta lies on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and has become a first-rate celebrity and tourist vacation destination. As viewed from above, romantic white lacey edges of warm breaking waves gently embrace the … Read More

House Hunters International Puerto Vallarta

HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL PUERTO VALLARTA CHARITY EVENT 2014 2014 EVENT: House Hunters International – Puerto Vallarta Screening & Fundraiser Event for Local Charities HOSTS: Timothy Real Estate Group THEME: Gilligan’s Island DATE/TIME: November 24, 2014 @ 7 p.m. PLACE: Mantamar Beach Club on Los Muertos Beach INVITATION: RSVP on their FB page and join the fun! Vacationers, November … Read More

Cheap Airfare: Gilbert’s 8 Travel Tips

CHEAP AIRFARE: GILBERT’S 8 TRAVEL TIPS 1. Clear your cache and browser cookies: To avoid travel and booking sites from tracking your earlier searches for airfare and displaying higher rates on new searches, clear your computer’s cache and cookies between searches and/or use different browsers. Another option is to use an incognito window for doing … Read More

Raicilla and Coffee Festival

RAICILLA AND COFFEE FESTIVAL IN SAN SEBASTIAN DEL OESTE, 2014 This well-organized event held May 3 through May 5 was a smashing success! Although this mountain region’s two most distinctive products, coffee and raicilla, were the focal points and shining stars of this unique festival, there were plenty of other cultural activities, music, food booths, … Read More

Mala Beads in Puerto Vallarta

MALA BEADS IN PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO Faith Colectiva is a beautiful little store! I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Faith Colectiva founder Katie Coleman. She is such a friendly, spiritual and uplifting person. She and her team use natural stones, crystals, gems and charms to produce Mala Beads and accessories that have inherent … Read More

Beach Crossers

BEACH CROSSERS It is with much pleasure to have discovered this brand new mobility resource for the Vallarta area. The owners of Beach Crossers are a delightful and enthusiastic team dedicated to their dream of making mobility easier for travelers to Banderas Bay, to include Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias. I am grateful to … Read More

Altruism Festival 2014

INTERNATIONAL ALTRUISM FESTIVAL 2014, PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO Event Details: The 10th Annual International Altruism Festival was held on Sunday, May 4, 2014, at the gorgeous Marriott CasaMagna Resort in the Marina Vallarta neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where the event was co-hosted by American Consular Agent Kelly Trainor. Tickets to this event were $350 pesos … Read More