Spud Sightings in PV


Russet potatoes arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Russet potatoes arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

This week on the Puerto Vallarta forums the “big” topic was the sighting of russet potatoes or “Spud Sightings” in local grocery stores and markets. In general, russet potatoes have been unavailable in Mexico for about four years until last week when potato growers finally signed an agreement with Mexico thereby lifting the ban. Russet potatoes are one of those treasured foods that when not available in Puerto Vallarta are sorely missed. Expats enjoy having a nice baked russet potato to accompany their steaks, russets to make great potato skin appetizers, russets for fluffy mashed potatoes, French fries, hash browns, and so much more.

One expat noted that it would be a hoot if the people in Canada and the U.S. who worried about safety in Mexico could only know that the expats who live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico aren’t worried about being gunned down every time they step out the door, but instead worry about day-to-day things like where to get good potatoes or where to find a good price on car batteries (the best place for car batteries seems to be Costco or Auto Zone). And many expats want to know why the major news channels are not reporting about the lack of russet potatoes down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, because that’s an important issue deserving attention.