Raicilla and Coffee Festival


This well-organized event held May 3 through May 5 was a smashing success! Although this mountain region’s two most distinctive products, coffee and raicilla, were the focal points and shining stars of this unique festival, there were plenty of other cultural activities, music, food booths, and artisan wares featured during this weekend of fun. The event schedule included several exhibitions and art events in addition to the specialty drink tastings offered by local producers of the various microbrews. Gastronomic samples introduced foods of the region, and information booths dispensed knowledge of the area and it’s beautiful traditions.

Raicilla and Coffee Festival 2014
Festival de La Raicilla y El Cafe 2014, en San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco, Mexico.

If you are planning a visit to Puerto Vallarta during the shoulder season, it’s highly recommended that you keep this delightful raicilla and coffee festival on your radar. Not only is the easy one-hour, 15-minute drive out to San Sebastian del Oeste a lovely, relaxing and scenic trip, enjoying a walk through this historic town is a very interesting and memorable experience as well.

Raicilla and Coffee Festival in San Sebastian del Oeste, Mexico
Raicilla and Coffee Festival 2014, in San Sebastian del Oeste, Mexcico.