New Renovations in Bucerias


Musician adjacent to main square in Bucerias, Mexico
Musician adjacent to the new main square in Bucerias, Mexico where construction is still underway.

The recent renovations to the main town square in central Bucerias, located right across from the beach, as well as numerous areas accessing the town directly from the shore, are definitely something to sing about! These important improvements to the beachfront areas include crucial elements of accessibility for mobility-challenged tourists and locals (as well as beach vendors who use wheelbarrows to transport their wares), while at the same time providing a bit of modern flair to these older sections of town.

Newly remodeled main square in Bucerias, Mexico
Remodeling of the main square in Bucerias, Mexico.

The large main square is still currently under construction (May 2014). In addition to a wide-open area and plenty of space for sitting and mingling, its modern design includes a large outdoor amphitheater for performances and events, as well as plenty of trees, plants and shrubs. Adjacent to the main square there is a new and modern OXXO convenience-store building with cute signage. The numerous beach access areas all include these great amenities: a ramp in addition to stairs, a showering off area, a small restroom building, and cute sitting areas.

Remodeling and modernization of beach access points in Bucerias, Mexico.
Remodeling and modernization of beach access points in Bucerias, Mexico.

It’s evident that the government of Nayarit, Mexico is investing the financial resources needed to maintain and improve its tourist charm and appeal in several of its towns, including Bucerias, Mexico.