Cheap Airfare: Gilbert’s 8 Travel Tips


Gilbert the PV Beach Bum Cheap Airfare Tips
Gilbert the PV Beach Bum: Cheap Airfare Tips

1. Clear your cache and browser cookies: To avoid travel and booking sites from tracking your earlier searches for airfare and displaying higher rates on new searches, clear your computer’s cache and cookies between searches and/or use different browsers. Another option is to use an incognito window for doing travel and airfare searches.

2. Consider a brief layover rather than a direct flight: Cheap airfare deals often entail a brief layover rather than a direct flight. For layovers we recommend leaving at least a two-hour gap between arrival at one airport and boarding your next flight to Puerto Vallarta. This is especially pertinent when using US Airways for your return flight as there is a lot of congestion at immigration; if you have less than a two-hour layover you can actually miss your connecting flight.

3. Research flights via multiple avenues: For cheap airfare to Puerto Vallarta we usually find our best rates on or directly through major airline carriers on their websites.

4. Direct flights vs. one-way bookings: Search for cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta selecting round trip. Then search for those same flights with one-way travel. Many times we find cheap airfare when booking two one-way tickets rather than round trip travel. And often it’s cheaper to book a one-way ticket to Puerto Vallarta through one airline, booking your return trip home on another airline.

5. Book travel for two separately: When searching for travel to Puerto Vallarta sometimes it’s cheaper to book airfare individually, for one passenger instead of two. So search the travel price for one passenger, and then search that same travel route and time for two passengers. It’s very strange but sometimes booking the two airfare tickets separately can save you money!

6. If possible, be flexible with your dates: We’ve found the best airfare deals when booking travel to Puerto Vallarta 6 to 8 weeks prior to our desired travel date. But don’t wait until the last minute to book as airfare tends to rise within two weeks of departure.

7. Book at Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST: This great tip was garnered through our travel agent friends. Airlines tend to publish their airfare sales at this particular time. Avoid booking on weekends as prices are often higher.

8. Cheapest Day to Leave is on a Wednesday: Find cheap airfare to Puerto Vallarta by booking a red-eye flight. An airline’s first flight of the day is usually the cheapest time to fly. You can find other cheap airfare options by searching for flights that depart around lunch time or after 5 p.m.


Cheap Airfare Tips:

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