Restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta

Information last updated: July 2014


Restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta: Dining in Nuevo Vallarta is a delightful culinary experience. You may be surprised to learn that Nuevo Vallarta is home to more than 80 wonderful restaurants and eateries representing all the typical cuisines and dining options you would normally expect to find in big cities. By compiling and organizing the restaurant information in four distinct ways, travelers are now able to choose the manner in which they would prefer the restaurant details to be printed or displayed.

1. Restaurant List for Nuevo Vallarta

List of Nuevo Vallarta Restaurants shows all the restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta in a table format.

2. Printable Map with Restaurants Labeled by Number

Printable NV Restaurant Map  A 6-page pdf document that can be viewed online or printed. The first page is a map of Nuevo Vallarta showing the exact location of each restaurant by a unique number. Subsequent pages give more detailed information about each restaurant.

3. Interactive List Organized by Location: Show-me-where-it-is Feature!

NV Interactive List – Restaurant Locations is an interactive list of restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta. See where each restaurant is located by clicking the red “Show Me Where It Is” option.

4. Interactive Map Organized by Cuisine: Refer to the Map Below

The Interactive Map (see below) is designed with special functions to show you exactly where each of the 80+ restaurants is located within Nuevo Vallarta. Each tear-drop icon denotes a restaurant. To help you narrow down the choices, restaurant icons are also organized by type of cuisine. Make your selection of one or more types of cuisine by clicking the various icons located at the bottom of this map.

Would you like directions to a specific restaurant? Start by clicking on the tear-drop restaurant icon. When the restaurant info pops up, click on the address and you’ll be able to get Google directions to the restaurant.

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