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Gilbert the Beach Bum in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Gilbert the Beach Bum loves adventure! Take a peek at some of his favorite vacation itineraries.

INTRODUCTION: When it comes to vacation itineraries it’s rarely one size fits all. And luckily, our friend Gilbert the Beach Bum has helped us create several fun vacation itineraries to help you plan your trip to Banderas Bay and beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Gilbert’s Adventure Vacation just happens to be based on the vacation style that our own family and friends prefer, while the more relaxing and laid-back Beach Vacation is based on many experiences staying great all-inclusive resorts. What works best for one individual or family may not work well for another. With that in mind, simply browse through the different itineraries and select whichever daily activities would best fit into your idea of the perfect Puerto Vallarta vacation. It’s a great way to create a custom itinerary for your upcoming holiday in paradise.

It’s important to note that the specific tours and tour operators mentioned within the itineraries are just some of Gilbert’s favorites and our family’s too. However, there are many other wonderful Puerto Vallarta tour operators who offer some incredibly fun adventures and excursions. We encourage you to consider trying a few during your trip, as variety is the spice of life! Before making a decision about a tour or specific tour operator, we suggest looking at current reviews on TripAdvisor to help you make an informed decision. After your vacation is over and your suitcases are unpacked, we’d love for you to come back here and share a Trip Report about your experiences and adventures. Trip Reports will be posted in Gilbert’s Corner in our new Trip Report section. And if you’d also like to share your own vacation itinerary, we’d love to post it here in this section of the site to help other travelers plan their trips.